Pueblo Watercraft Refurbishment

Pueblo, CO

Job Interests

Automotive, Customer Service, Hardware & Furniture, Handyman & Repair, Parking lot & Garage, Electronics & Computers, Maintenance & Cleaning, Any Job

Additional Info

Company Website: https://www.facebook.com/VesselMaintainer/?view_public_for=100755045358524

Company Description

Pueblo Watercraft Refurbishment – Specializes in making your boat look like new regardless of age. Maintenance available includes cleaning, waxing, polishing, & control of corrosion. Maintenance on fiberglass hulls, inspection, and certification for Colorado waters, below waterline service, fuel, and electrical systems repair. We also offer custom paining of your boat in a variety of paint types like ablative and two-part polyurethane. Business Phone (719) 569-7168