MoreWithUs Fall 2024 Scholarship Competition


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Eligibility & Categories 

  • Are you currently enrolled in high school, vocational school or college? If yes, you are eligible to apply.



  • Need some cash for school? MoreWithUs - Everyday Jobs is providing two $500 (five hundred dollar) Scholarships which you can use toward books, tuition, or anything else related to school expenses.


Requirements (Essay OR Video)

  • Submit a one-page essay OR a short video (about 2 minutes) about a work or volunteer experience. Either option is fine!



Prompt and Submission (Essay option)

  • In one standard double-spaced page, write about an Everyday Job or volunteer position you’ve had—maybe as a camp counselor, a tutor, a pizza deliverer, you name it. Tell us about the skills or lessons you learned that you hope to bring into your future ambitions or career dreams. Feel free to be creative and genuine—we want to hear about YOU.


  • Email your essay to:


Prompt and Submission (Video option)

  • We’d like you to put your creativity and ingenuity to the test by making a short video detailing your most positive or negative experiences with a previously held job, internship, volunteer program, etc. Feel free to let us know what your thoughts are on the concept of working, as well. Don’t worry about the kind of position; whether you engaged in paid work, contributed to a volunteer program, interned or held a vocational position, we’d love to hear about your experiences.


  • Upload your video submission through TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook and share it with us via direct message OR email us a link to your video to:
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    • @morewithus_everyday_jobs (Instagram)
    • @morewithus_everydayjobs (TikTok)
    • @MoreWithUs-Everyday Jobs (YouTube)
    • @MoreWithUsEverydayJobs (Facebook)


Deadline and Winners

  • Deadline: June 30, 2024
  • Winners will be announced around September 1, 2024 on our social media—follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • The winners will have their essay or video posted on MoreWithUs’ social media platforms.
  • If you are selected as a winner, we will require proof of academic enrollment, such as an email verification from a school official. We also require that you give us permission to post your video or essay on our social media accounts.


Application Deadline: June 30, 2024


Past Winners and Works from the Previous Scholarship Competitions

  • Ellie Baker, (Martensdale St. Marys High School, Martensdale, Iowa). Essay: "Working at Rose Farm" (Spring 2024 winner).

  • Da’Nya Hood (Howard University, Washington, DC). Video: Working in the Hotel Industry as a Service Worker (Spring 2024 winner).

  • Victoria Nalepka, IMSA (illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora, Illinoi). Essay: "Being a Youth Camp Counselor: How to Survive 100+ Energetic Campers" (Fall 2023 winner).

  • Karimah Mohammed (Howard University, Washington, DC). Video: Math tutor at Kumon (Fall 2023 winner).

  • Cesar Benemelis, Miami Coral Park Senior High School (Miami, Florida). Video about SPARKTECH Robotics Tutoring (Spring 2023 winner).

  • Manmadu Alhaji, DeKalb High School (DeKalb, IL). Essay: "The Reality and Expectation of a Job" (Spring 2023 winner).
  • Danielle Spiegel, Drexel University. Essay on “Everyday Job of a Music Publicist: Uplifting Underappreciated Musicians” (Fall 2022 award).

  • Sophia Moore, University of Minnesota- Rochester. Video about personal health challenges and volunteering at the Kids Circle Foundation (Fall 2022 award).

  • Samantha Townsend, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Essay “My Everyday Job: Foster Child Advocate and Camp Counselor” (Spring 2022 award).

  • Boubacar Barrie, Albany High School (Albany, New York). Essay on “My Summer Work of Learning How to Work in Life: Overcoming the Challenges of an Everyday Job” (Spring 2022 award).

  • Victoria Onajobi, Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland. Essay “The Everyday Job of Community Work: Housing and the Community” (Fall 2021 award).

  • Alvin Gutierrez, Northeastern Illinois University. Essay on “The Everyday Job of a Campus Event Coordinator: The Pursuit of Success” (Fall 2021 award).

  • Drew Emerson, Howard University. Essay on “Everyday Job: Law Internship and the Entertainment World” (2020 award).

  • Rachel (Ray) Epstein-Shuman, Albert Einstein High School in Maryland. Essay “Everyday Job of Public Speaking and Youth Activism” (2020 award).

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