Tessa Aguilar

Corona, CA

Employment Type

Any Job Types, Remote/Online, Apprenticeship

Job Interests

Tutoring, Nonprofit, Community Organizing, Office & Administrative, Media, Graphics, Health & Social Services, Marketing, Sales, & Merchandising

Additional Info

Education Level: Some College

Work Experience: 1 to 2 Yrs

Availability: Anytime

Attributes: Hardworking, Quick learner, Good Communication, Leadership, Honest, Creative, Professional, Trustworthy, Confident, Reliable, Self-motivated, Proactive, Calm, Multi-Tasking

Who Am I

My name is Tessa Aguilar, a current UCLA undergraduate student studying Political Science, Global Studies, and East Asian Studies! I aspire to pursue a law degree, hopefully to enter venture capital or international business law and global affairs.


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