Jasmine Wan

Berkeley, CA

Employment Type

Any Job Types

Job Interests

Tutoring, Nonprofit, Internship & Volunteer

Additional Info

Education Level: High School

Work Experience: 1 to 2 Yrs

Availability: Anytime

Attributes: Hardworking, Punctual, Quick learner, Good Communication, Team player, Leadership, Creative, Professional, Confident, Reliable, Self-motivated, Proactive, Calm, Problem Solving, Multi-Tasking

Who Am I

Being a member of different school teams, I have a particularly strong sense of teamwork, and I am very passionate about cooperation between team members and members from various sectors of the society. I am also very open to new ideas, and I love hearing about opinions from different people in order to gain new insights from each perspective. In addition, I am a very accepting person, and I love meeting new people in order to understand every individual’s uniqueness and originality. 


St. John Ambulance Adult CPR Certificate Course and AED Provider License; Computer skills in Google, Microsoft Office, Website development, Programming and Graphics; Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Employment History:

Legal Intern at Cheung & Liu Solicitors Firm


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