Catherine Williams

charleston, WV

Employment Type

Any Job Types

Job Interests

Child Care, Tutoring, Community Organizing, Customer Service, Data & Online Work, Event Planning

Additional Info

Education Level: Some College

Work Experience: Less Than 1 Yr

Availability: Anytime

Attributes: Leadership, Confident, Positive Spirit, Self-motivated, Proactive, Calm

Who Am I

I am 17, and in my sophomore year of college. I have a unique charisma and confidence that allows me to assume leadership positions. I go out of my way to understand experiences that may differ from my own. I am a skilled public speaker. I possess special capability for forming articulate statements.


Conversational Spanish, Leadership

Employment History:

Employer: Heike Perez
Contact: (304) 741-9547
September 2021- Present Day
While attending high school/college, I was a nanny and babysitter for a family of two home-schooled children. I acquainted them with the beginnings of Spanish, guitar, and sewing, while I learned about the Jewish religion and the Hebrew language.

Employer: Sally Ann Gustafson:

Contact: (681) 215-7363

May 2020-July 2020
I work with an older disabled woman, assisting her with her motor skills practice, taking her on walks, talking with her, and helping her with any other things she may have needed. I learned a great deal about patience, kindness, and caretaking.

References: Yes


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