Alison MacLeod

Plano, TX

Employment Type

Part Time, Remote/Online, Apprenticeship

Job Interests

Tutoring, Nonprofit, Community Organizing, Office & Administrative, Graphics, Human Resources, Lab & STEM

Additional Info

Education Level: High School

Work Experience: Less Than 1 Yr

Availability: Afternoon, Evening

Attributes: Hardworking, Quick learner, Good Communication, Leadership, Creative, Professional, Self-motivated, Proactive, Detail-oriented, Problem Solving

Who Am I

Diligent and enthusiastic student with a drive to execute plans and overcome challenges. Passionate about nutritional health, anatomy, and holistic medicine. Currently training to be a certified nurse aide. Aspiring physician and business owner. Creative skills and experience in graphic design, outreach, and small-business marketing.


Certified Nurse Aide
CPR Certified

Employment History:

RoundPier Inc. Lead Intern


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