macy smith

augusta, KS

Employment Type

Part Time

Job Interests

Community Organizing, Customer Service, Office & Administrative, Event Planning, Electronics & Computers, Internship & Volunteer, Marketing, Sales, & Merchandising

Additional Info

Education Level: High School

Work Experience: Less Than 1 Yr

Availability: Afternoon, Evening

Attributes: Hardworking, Punctual, Quick learner, Good Communication, Team player, Leadership, Honest, Creative, Helpful, Integrity, Professional, Trustworthy, Confident, Reliable, Positive Spirit, Self-motivated, Proactive, Detail-oriented, Calm, Problem Solving, Multi-Tasking

Who Am I

High school senior wanting to learn more about real-estate or event planning. I love to work with people and plan and organize.


I am good at organizing, planning, computers, and social media. I would love being an assistant and have good people skills. I am productive, fast, and detail-oriented, etc. 

Employment History:

worked for a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway- was an assistant, did BPO’s, marketing, fliers, etc.
worked at Student Startup- did house cleaning, window washing, babysitting, and organizing and learned how to run a business.

References: Yes


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