Veronica Skiver

Toledo, OH

Employment Type

Full Time, Part Time, Remote/Online

Job Interests

Finance & Banks, Internship & Volunteer

Additional Info

Education Level: Associate Degree

Work Experience: Less Than 1 Yr

Availability: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Attributes: Hardworking, Good Communication, Team player, Helpful, Professional, Trustworthy, Reliable, Positive Spirit, Detail-oriented, Calm, Problem Solving

Who Am I

I am seeking the MoreWithUs college scholarship, and I have previously submitted my application. I will be graduating from Toledo Early College High School in May 2023 with an Associate's Degree in General Arts from the University of Toledo through TECHS's dual enrollment program. Thank you for considering me!


I currently have a 3.5 unweighted GPA and am ranked 20th out of 73 in my class. I also have done a lot of community service for multiple organizations and I still currently volunteer for The Avalon Foundation when I have the time.

References: Yes


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