Carmen Rodríguez

United States, CA

Employment Type

Part Time, Remote/Online

Job Interests

Tutoring, Data & Online Work, Restaurants & Food

Additional Info

Education Level: High School

Work Experience: More Than 5 Yrs

Availability: Morning

Attributes: Quick learner, Leadership, Honest, Creative, Reliable, Positive Spirit

Who Am I

Hi! My name is Carmen and I was born in El Salvador, I am looking for opportunities to grow in any area out of my comfort zone in order to learn something new.


I acquired teaching skills, this comes along with pacience and responsability. As a coreographer and teacher I also became a reliable leader. I try always to mantain positive and motivational vibes.

Employment History:

I have been a dance teacher for seven years. I teach jazz and ballet. I also help in aerial skills classes. I am starting as a coreographer and I have worked with other girls in my studio and coreograph a gymnastic routine by special request. I also worked for more than two moths in Bershka, a international clothing store. 

References: Yes


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