Alisa Stover

Douglas City, CA

Employment Type

Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Remote/Online

Job Interests

Customer Service, Data & Online Work, Office & Administrative, Media, Graphics, Gaming & Entertainment, Restaurants & Food

Additional Info

Education Level: Some College

Work Experience: 3 to 5 Yrs

Availability: Anytime

Attributes: Hardworking, Punctual, Quick learner, Good Communication, Team player, Honest, Creative, Professional, Trustworthy, Reliable, Self-motivated, Problem Solving, Multi-Tasking

Who Am I

I'm a first-generation college student in search of a position to support and finance my education. I have a background in graphic design, customer service, sales, and hospitality. 


Graphic Design Certificate via Udemy

Employment History:

History of customer service, sales, freelance graphic design, and hospitality with over 5 years of experience. 

References: Yes


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